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Tactic3dViewer window

Tactic3dViewer window

Reduction button

1. Reduction button
Iconify the window.

Close button

2. Close button
Close the button.

System menu bar

3. System menu bar
Contains command to manage the window.

Increase button

4. Increase button
Disable in this mode.

Client area

5. Client area


6. Settings
Gives access to the settings used to download the animations sent by the coach. The player must fill the values inside the Settings screen the first time he uses the 3D viewer software to establish the connection between him and his coach (think to the settings of the MailBox for example).
The values in the Settings screen are given by the coach.


7. Update
Start the download of the strategies/exercises done by the coach from the central server that hosts the shared files.
The Update replaces and overwrites existing files on the central server.

List of strategies

Liste des tactiques
8. List of strategies
List of the strategies already downloaded and availables for the player, and stored on the harddisk of the player's computer.
To run an animation, double-click on the button, and type "ENTER".
Type "L" to return to the List of the strategies from the 3D simulation world.

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