TACTIC3D Handball Sketcher - Manuel de référence

Web site deployment

Web site deployment


1. Server
Address of the server that hosts the web portal. This web portal is a turn-key product provided by Tactic3D. It must be installed before deploying the tactics.
The web portal must be first install to work. Ask us if you have a Pro version.
The web portal allows to deploy on a private web site.
The access is securized by the coach, who gives a login/password to each player.
The coach can watch how often a player is watching the tactics, and the last date of his connection.
The coach can sort tactics by defining categories in the web portal.


2. Port
Port TCP/IP du site web. Obviously equal to 80.
Depending on the architecture, ask to the Tactic3D support to change this port.

Default category

3. Default category
Category by default given to the animation in the web site.


4. Back
Save and go back to the Deployment screen.

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