TACTIC3D Sport Simulation Training

Rugby PC - Mac Documentation and video tutorials

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Buy our subscription to share your work made on the iPad with your players !
The subscription of €4.5 per month allows the trainer to regularly transfer his playbook from his computer
to the players' computers or iPhones. It also includes the hosting and maintenance of files using Tactic3D
on computers managed with Tactic3D. Access is secure, and no team name appears on our computers.
After payment is made, an e-mail is sent with your user name and password along with the address
of the computer hosting your playbook.
You can cancel your subscription when you want by sending us an email.
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Rugby coach reference manual download (windows format .chm).
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Rugby 3D Viewer / player reference manual (windows format .chm).

Video tutorials :

Tour of the features

How to draw a pass

How to use the gestures (kick, etc..)

Simple backwards movement

How to draw a lineout

How to draw a scrum

How to draw a maul

How to draw a ruck

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