TACTIC3D Sport Simulation Training


With our solution, we provide also included courses for all the team, trainers and players.

From 4 hours to one day for a trainer, and 1 hour for players, the courses can be adapted to your needs.

We can also install our website at your headquarter on your private network to have a maximal security.
Then, you can have your virtual playbook hosted on your computers and consult statistics.

Hardware :

We can help you to chose hardware corresponding to your needs and budget.
Because we are not linked to a mainstream manufacturer, we are free to help you find the right computer hardware.
We are selling also a special device « Magic pen » that allows you to draw on a screen or a wall during your meeting.

Thus, you can annotate easily your videos and share the result with the members
of your team. Because it’s lightweight and portable, it’s the ideal tool for doing presentation during travel !
You can save your notes directly on your computer and share the result with your staff.