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Tactic3dViewer configuration window

Tactic3dViewer configuration window
This window appears the first time the software is running on a computer.
It configures the viewer3D order to tailor the program to the power of the computer.
This window is also displayed in launching the viewer3D conventionally double clicking on it or throwing it in via the menu or shortcut
and just after its launch, you must press the ALT key on the keyboard.

Close button

1. Close button
Closes the window and doesn't launch the simulation.

Graphical settings

2. Graphical settings
Tab to adjust the look of the program in two ways :

Windowed mode

3. Windowed mode
Passes the program in windowed mode (the program window does not occupy the full screen space) if the option is checked.
Otherwise, the program switches to non-windowed mode and occupies the entire screen instead of the other programs who are no longer visible, including the taskbar of your Windows operating system. To return to normal mode, use the Escape key (ESC) and the software will terminate. Full screen mode is suited for players who only have a viewer3D, while the windowed mode is the use made by the coach who switches very often from  2D to 3D .

Screen resolution

4. Screen resolution
Adjusts the resolution of the program. This can help to achieve performance: if the screen resolution is 1280x1024 and the resolution of the program selected in the list is 1024x780, the program will run faster but the appearance of characters and settings will be less detailed.

Graphical rendering

5. Graphical rendering
Used to degrade the appearance of characters and of the environment. This can help to achieve performance. Depending on the options selected, reflections, details and appearance of embossed characters are deleted or added.

Quit button

6. Quit button
Quits the software without launching the simulation.

Play! button

7. Play! button
Starts the simulation.

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