Simulate - Share - Play !

- Because drawings on paper board and whiteboard are difficult for many of your players to understand.
- Do you want sexy 3D images to explain handball situations ?
- Win time during training ! Explain positioning issues with the help of 3D !
- Draw lines, arrows, circles, … directly on any 3D view and save the image on your computer.
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Applications for handball coaches AND players

Multiplatform software : Windows, MacOs
Features :
  • Watch the result INSTANTLY in 3D

  • Show instantly the precise trajectory to follow !

  • Isolate the move of one player among the others : perfect to focus on the behavior of one player

  • Unlimited points of view : each player, from above the pitch, behind the goals, around the pitch, etc..

  • Jersey, name and positions customisation
  • Annotate the simulation to explain a detail to your players
Frequently Asked Questions :
  • Not in this basic version.
  • Yes, you can use our annotation tool as usual and print it the saved image.
  • Yes, we have an tool to draw arrows, lines, circle, text and you choose the 3D view you want to annotate !
  • No you can’t. These applications are only to explain handball situations. If you want to create your tactics, you can buy our other solution, made for coaches, teams, and clubs here.
  • No, the other versions allows to you to use an iPad. See details here.
  • No. Once payed and downloaded, the tactics are stored on your device and you can use them on travel, during training, in « disconnect mode ».
  • Not with this version of application.The other versions of Tactic3D handball allows the use of iPad and Android tablet.
  • You can pay by CreditCard or Paypal for the PC & Mac version. Our store is very secured and our partner checks the validity of your credit card. After purchasing the product, you receive an email with the instructions to download the software (PC or Mac).
  • No you can’t. We’re thinking that 10€ is a very low price, and we also want to avoid piracy.