Simulate - Share - Play !

Handball 3D Sketcher : software for drawing 3D animated playbooks

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Because timing is king, draw passes, with precise timing and rebound
Share your work very easily on players's mobile
Improve IQ handball, break the language barrier

Draw 3D handball tactics quickly and easily ! And share your playbook in 2 clicks with your partners with confidentiality.

From 2D to 3D animations quickly!

Software for coaches AND players: Forget videos and printed playbooks, forget email list to maintain, in two clicks, you send an animated 3D tactic to your players! Much more easier, and by far faster!

Multiplatform software : PC, Mac, Tablet, Android, iPad, iPhone, collaborative web site, and virtual reality for handball !

What can you do with our handball software?

Features :
  • Draw in 2D, watch the result INSTANTLY in 3D

  • Share your playbook easily with your team
  • Special drawings to explain : arrows and colored areas with dynamic behaviors

  • Write a comment and linked it to the animation

  • Isolate the movement of one player among the others : perfect to focus on the behavior of one player

  • Unlimited points of view : each player, the coach, the referee !

  • Slow motion

  • Jersey, name and positions customisation
  • Video output and printed document containing screenshot, comments and the list of the training objects.

  • Watch the simulation with a Virtual reality headset and be immersed !
  • Integration with positioning tracking systems
Drawing training exercises / drills :
  • Training objects : cone, bench, hoop, etc..

  • Put the coach and explain where he must be during training

  • Get the point of view of the referees

  • Drills in 3D fast to understand
Share :
  • Send in a click the drill or your tactic to your players. Easier and faster than an email or a USB key !

  • Tool for the coach works on PC, Mac, Android, or on the Web.

  • Draw on an PC. Send the result to PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads. Draw on an iPad, send the results to PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

PRICES: Differences between versions :
Alone coach, you just want to draw plays without sharing
  • 1 license (Mac/PC) to use it as a 3D blackboard

  • just draw annotations and define the positions of the players with 3D views like here !

  • share in 2 clicks with the players

  • Generate PDF document

  • Generate video from 3D animations

  • 20 licenses for the players to watch the animations/tatics in 3D

Coach of an amateur club, you share with your players
  • 1 license (Mac/PC) to draw 3D animated tactics and exercises

  • Share quickly in 2 clicks

  • 30 licenses for players to watch your plays in 3D

  • Defense players cannot be moved

  • Generate PDF document

    with training materials

  • Generate video from 3D animations

Coach of a club, you share with the other coaches and with all the teams
  • 3 licenses (Mac/PC) to draw plays/exercises

  • Share quickly in 2 clicks

  • 400 licenses for players to watch your plays in 3D

  • Defense players move

As a pro coach, you require all features,
maximal confidentiality, support
  • Licenses (Mac/PC/iPad/Android) to draw plays/exercises

  • Share quickly in 2 clicks

  • Defense players move
  • Training objects
  • Referees (and their points of view)
  • Dynamic arrows and zones
  • Comments/explanations included in the animation
  • PDF document generation

  • Generation of video from 3D animations

  • Your datas are hosted at your club
  • Interface virtual reality helmet

  • Licenses for all players to watch your plays in 3D

  • Training on site

  • Premium

    support 4h & weekend

  • Virtual reality visualisation
Frequently Asked Questions :
  • Yes, only in with the Club version. But if your goal is to generate a video to share it, it’s far better to use our share feature ! Easier, 50x faster and secure !
  • Yes, from the Club version, you can generate a PDF document with the 2D or 3D view of the field that is the most important for you, plus the comments you wrote linked to the 3D animation and the list of material you need on the field !
  • Only players who have access to your private space can download and watch your plays. Plus, a validity date is linked to each play (i.e end of the season).
  • Yes ! You just to type the name of your play, the validity date and click !
  • No, another coach cannot open your plays to modify them. Only coaches who share the same license (=same club/team) can do it.
  • Yes ! You can send your plays to our app « 3D viewer » for iOS. You can download it on the AppStore : « TacticHand »
  • Yes ! Use our « share » feature, it takes 2 clicks and 3s to send your work on your smartphone. Of course, you have to install our 3d viewer app for smartphone before.
  • Yes ! The email received just after the checkout process contains a link to manage your subscription and to cancel it when you want.
  • You can pay by credit card and by PayPal, or contact us directly to pay by wire transfer.
  • Of course, if you decide to share your work after purchasing our basic solution, you can upgrade to a more complete solution. Just contact us !
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