TACTIC3D Sport Simulation Training

Rugby League 3D software to draw tactics, drills, exercises

Because drawings on paper board and blackboard are unclear.

Draw your line-outs and scrums and show the result in 3D !

Share the 3D result in 1 click !

Rugby software playbook 3D
PC / Mac solution :

Install the software on your computer (as Word or Powerpoint for example) and draw your tactics and watch them directly.

Bring your playbook with your computer, even you don't have an internet connection.
rugby software playbook web site
Web site solution :

Nothing to install, all the software are ready to play on the web!

Share your work with colleagues or players, download it from the web to your iPad to watch your playbook on travel without a connection.
Don't miss the concept and have a look at on our screenshots.
Tactic3D concept share playbook
Rugby lineout draw playbook 3D
Rugby lineout draw playbook 3D view prop
Rugby lineout draw playbook 3D

With our tools, you can build easily strategies within seconds, and explain to the players what to do and when.
You draw in 2 dimensions and see the result in 3D instantly.
The software allows to design quickly some typical backward situation, kicks over the defense.
You share your strategies with your players easily in a single click with strong security capabilities.
Because the players learn movements on computers, you win time and efficiency.
For the learning of rugby, the educator can show more easily the positioning of players, their race angles, etc..
You can take over your virtual playbook : with the
iPad version, you have a real electronic slate, but more meaningful than the older slate...

Our software is working on all environments : Microsoft, Apple, web.
You can draw a tactic on your PC, your players can watch it on their iPhone, Mac. Draw a tactic on your iPad, your players can watch it on their PCs, iPad, iPhone, Internet browser, you see the idea...
All it's possible !

List of features:
- gestures of rugby (kick, etc...)
- generates fluid animations in 3D
- dynamic arrows
- colored dynamic areas
- comment to explain what to do
- shares in a click with the players
- drawing of the trajectory of each player
- point of view of each player in 3D
- referee (and point of view of the referee)
- coach (to indicate where to be during training exercise)
- generates videos
- deploys and integrates the 3D animation in a web site